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From the New Books Corner…

From the Book Corner

‘Tis the season…
grab those pumpkin books!

From the Book Corner

Our September best-sellers have been catalogued, covered, and are waiting for you!
Do you spy any titles you want to read? PHONE US and ask to put a book on hold!

From the Book Corner

Check out our reads in our non-fiction section…there’s always something new on our shelves.  Our ACL readers LOVE their non-fiction!
In particular, one new book of interest on our shelves is No One Cares About Crazy People by NYT best selling author Ron Powers.  There was a recent review of the book on NPR’s Fresh Air here.

From the Book Corner…

Non-fiction ROCKS at the ACL

Non-fiction ROCKS at the ACL

We kindly received in the mail two ACL books from Westport, MA and Waltham public libraries. The one from Westport had been returned there last August! So nice of the libraries to mail them back! (We called and thanked both libraries.) Just a friendly reminder that all our books need to be returned either in the ACL or through our drop-off slot. 

From the Book Corner

Summer is the time for reading!  Our intrepid collections manager Janet is stocking the shelves weekly with the latest hot reads…

ACL Author Barry Goldstein: Lord of the Rings in Yiddish

From our stalwart Tuesday 12-1 pm volunteer Barry Goldstein–just published!

First time in Yiddish!

The Lord of the Rings


R. R. Tolkien

Translated by Barry Goldstein

The complete tale of Middle Earth

The Fellowship of the Ring / Di Khavruse fun dem Fingerl

The Two Towers / Di Tsvey Turems

and just released

The Return of the King / Der Tsurikker fun dem Kinig

Also the Yiddish translation of

The Hobbit / Der Hobit

or in

Romanized Yiddish

Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition / Shekltons Oyshalt Ekspeditsye

More at the translator’s web-page