Support the ACL

We rely on volunteers to assist patrons and on the generosity of the community to fund our collection, events, and ongoing expenses. In fact, 100 percent of our funding comes from donations!


All patrons can use our library for free. There is no fee for a library card. To maintain our services, we rely on the financial support of our community.

Unlike other libraries, the ACL receives no funding from the city or the state. Your donations help us not only to purchase books and other items, but also to license our building from the city, to pay for insurance, and to buy supplies and equipment for activities at the Library. We have been very fortunate to have the support of many local businesses, but we also need the help of our neighbors. If you can, please donate.

To contribute, please either click on the Donate button above or click here to print a donor form and return it to the circulation desk with your donation. You can also mail the form with your donation to:

Auburndale Community Library
375 Auburn Street
Auburndale, MA 02466

Thank you for your generosity! 

We do not accept book donations, but suggest donating your books to More Than Words in Waltham. More than Words also has several drop boxes throughout the city. For more info:, 781-788-0035.

For answers to your questions about donations, please contact

Wish List

We are keeping a running wish list of donated items the library could use; to see our current wish list, click here.


Our library is volunteer staffed by regular people with no library staffing experience. We need LOTS of people to chip in a LITTLE bit of time to make this library work, plain and simple. We’re especially in need of volunteers to staff the library when it is open during our regular hours. For those of you who have signed up to help out, please check out our online volunteer calendar. It’s password-protected, since it’s still in the beginning stages; if you need the password, contact

A few tidbits about volunteering

While we would love long-term volunteer commitments, we know that many are busy and simply cannot commit too far out ahead of time. We plan to schedule on a month-by-month basis to best accommodate busy schedules. Volunteering is a great thing for the family to do together–all ages. Big kids can learn how to run a library. Little kids can read books. Need to change a diaper or take a child to the potty? No worries! We plan to have 2-3 adults on hand per shift. Volunteering can be social—do you have a friend you know is interested in the library, too? Why not sign up for volunteer hours together? Your kids can play together…you can catch up and see a friend while helping to get our little library on its feet again. Are you a teenager who loves the library? We have a teen working group who has taken on a variety of jobs, including writing book reviews, helping with the landscaping, creating and running a game club for youngsters (coming soon), and even organizing a fundraiser read-a-thon to expand our section of Young Adult books (more news about that later). Does this sound like something you’d like to do? Drop a line to If you think you can join us one or two times a month for about 2-3 hours per shift, we would love to hear from you. Please drop a note to for information about how to become a volunteer.

Activity Leaders

Do you have an idea for a club or activity you’d like to lead at the ACL? It could be a book group, a knitting circle, a lecture or an art class. We are putting together a schedule for fall activities – both one time and recurring. Contact for more info.

Other Talents

We can use just about any talent you bring to the table. We are looking for people to help with:

  • General housekeeping
  • Gardening
  • Interior design/space usage
  • Publicity
  • Keeping this blog up to snuff
  • Taking photos of our various events

Got a skill we could use!? We’d love to have you help out. Please contact us at and we will put your talents to use.