Auburndale Commuter Parking Update

The following is from Sgt. Babcock of the Newton Police Department:

Signs have been installed to implement the new Auburndale Commuter Parking Plan.  The police will not start enforcing until a 3 week transition period starting on November 5, 2014.  Only meters, HP, will be tagged. Placards will be free for residents for the remainder of 2014. They won’t be ready until November 5, 2014. The 2015 placards/stickers will be available in the middle of December 2014 for sale for $25.00.

For more information about the parking plan that goes into effect on November 4, 2014:

By Auburndale Community Library

The Auburndale Community Library is a non-profit community library staffed by volunteers and funded 100% by donations.

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