The Newton Solar Challenge– Workshop At the ACL on Wednesday 11/19 at 7 pm

The Newton Solar Challenge is a City-wide residential solar campaign sponsored by Green Decade Newton, the City of Newton Sustainability Office and Newton-based BarnRaise Energy.  The Newton Solar Challenge provides:  preferred pricing for Newton residents, American-made solar equipment, high-quality regional solar installers and “solar loans” from local banks to support residential ownership.

The Newton Solar Challenge will have two “Solar Workshops” for interested Newton homeowners at the Auburndale Community Library on:
  • Sunday, November 16 @ 4 PM
  • Wednesday, November 19 @ 7 PM

Local residents learning about solar at this past Sunday’s workshop

In the Solar Workshops, the team will give a brief presentation and then will have interactive “breakouts” in small groups covering:

  • How would solar work at my house?
  • How would it “look” on my house?
  • Show me the numbers !
    • How does solar reduce increasing utility bills (after recent 37% utility increases) ?
    • How do the numbers work to provide a payback on a solar investment.
    • Solar Loans:  How will solar loans enable residential ownership and help make the numbers even better?
We will provide hospitality of coffee, soft drinks and deserts.  We expect to be wrapped up with the presentation within 45 minutes and then to have the informal “breakout discussions” for about 30 minutes.  This is an opportunity to learn and get involved in an informational, community-based setting.  To learn more, visit

By Auburndale Community Library

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