Many Thanks To Our September ACL Shift Volunteers

These volunteers donated their time and talents at the ACL over the month of September.  Next time you see one of them around town, give them a big ol’ hearty THANKS!

AnnaMaria Abernathy, Anne Alsmeyer, Debbie Bowen, Susan Cassidy, Nancy Caulfield, Ellen Chu, Michele Davis, Barb Day, Erika Drezner, Carol Gladden, Dana Hanson, Rosemary Hinteregger, Jane Hobbs, Suruchi Kaul, Marilyn Kirby, Lenna Kutner, Cecelia Kwartler, Janet Linder,Nancy Mazur, Carie Michael, Liz Miller, Jessica Moore Kaplan, Valerie Patterson, Gabrielle Povolotsky, Robyn Phillips, Junko Shibuya, Lynn Slobodin, Paula Spies, Shamanthaka Subramanian, Ed Sugrue, Martha Sweet, Beth Tierney, Christopher Weinmann, Linda Winslow

Please consider volunteering this fall.  It couldn’t be easier.  You sign up for a shift when it’s convenient for you (maybe once or twice a month) and you help keep our little library going strong!  Contact for the link for volunteer signups and we’ll train you on the job–it’s an easy peasy gig.

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