Author Talk: Jane Roper Double Time: How I Survived–and Mostly Thrived–Through the First Three Years of Mothering Twins Wednesday May 15th at 7:30 pm

jane-roperJoin us at the Auburndale Community Library for a fun night with author Jane Roper!

On  Wednesday, May 15th at 7:30 pm Jane will share some of her humorous, honest, and thought provoking, stories from her book Double Time: How I Survived —  and Mostly Thrived — Through the First Three Years of Mothering Twins which has just been released in paperback.

Double-Time-CoverSince 2007, Jane has been baring her soul for the world (on her blog), and now she lets us into the nitty gritty details of raising twins with a fantastic new book that will speak to all mothers…No issue is off limits, and this is what makes it so endearing.  It’s as if you are sharing a good laugh with an old friend–with a few of those old friend tears flowing in between.”

–Cool Mom Picks

The San Francisco Chronicle explained why this is not just a book for parents of twins “It would be a shame to see Double Time relegated to the “twin” section of parenting books, because much of it speaks to the anxieties of anyone with multiple children: How do I foster their individuality? How do I stop comparing them? What happens when some days I feel more connected with one than the other”  “Readable, relatable, and genuinely funny”

This will be a great chance to socialize with other local parents of young children!

For more information about Jane check out the review of Double Time on the Huffington Postweb site, or listen to interviews with Jane on Radio Boston on WBUR, or on Iowa Public Radio.

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