TIME CHANGE Magic The Gathering Club Saturday Afternoons 1-3 pm (No Longer Saturday Mornings)

We have an exciting announcement to share from our founding adult Magic enthusiast, Bruce Richard:
When the Magic Club at the library first started, it was run by the kids themselves.  Three boys started the Club and the Saturday meetings became regular events with ten or more showing up every week.  The boys were running tournaments with prizes every week.  As the boys got older, the Magic Club shifted and the Saturdays aren’t nearly as well attended.  I’d like to change that.  I’d like to see theSaturday groups return to a place where the kids work together to help the newer players learn the game, and everyone helps each other build better decks.

I’ve asked Jacob Brockman, one of the regulars of the prereleases, to take over running the Club.  He knows the rules inside out and is a great teacher.  He will be there on Saturdays from 1-3 eachSaturday, running small tournaments.  The tournaments will be smaller (best of one matches with only three or four rounds).  I’ll be providing a few foil promotional cards for the winner and a randomly selected player in the tournament.  There is no cost to enter.  Simply arrive by 1:00 with a deck to play!
For this Saturday, I’ll be there with Jacob, helping him through the tournament setup and just getting things set up.  For this week, I thought we could try a tournament with only Standard legal decks.  Standard legal decks must follow these rules:  http://magic.wizards.com/en/content/standard-formats-magic-gathering
After this week, it will be up to Jacob to choose the format.  I hope to see everyone there onSaturdays from 1-3! 

Questions about the new Magic format?  Contact Bruce or Jacob.

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