ACL Survey Results

Friends, thank you to the 77 folks who filled out our online survey.  We thought it would be a good idea to see how folks feel about our operation as we embark on our 5th year of operation.  Here’s a glimpse into some of the results.
Things people love about us in general:
  • Book lending
  • Neighborhood gathering place
  • Volunteer-run community organization
Favorite activities at the ACL:
  • Book browsing (by a landslide–good to know we’re meeting your needs!)
  • Community parties/events
  • Library clubs (Magic, knitting, etc.)
Ways we could serve your better:

Hours on more days/nights of the week
Wish we could…we are always looking for more volunteers!  Contact Dana Hanson if you’d like to volunteer.
Additional desktop computer connected to the internet
Anybody have one that they could help us set up?  “IT support” is always needed.  Contact Dana Hanson.
More adult activities related to books, learning, sharing of ideas
If folks have ideas for activities, please contact Lynn Slobodin.  We’re willing to try new things that we think might draw a crowd!
Video, toys, and/or tool lending library
We’re trying to focus our limited resources on our superpower…the books
Extremely difficult to locate after hours book drop
Agreed–we’ll try to address that soon with improved signage
To be a part of the Minuteman Library Network
Not financially feasible
Online renewals/items due email reminders
Our library software package unfortunately does not have these features…oh, how we wish it did!
Library Love…Selected Quotes:

“So glad for the great efforts of all involved with keeping our wonderful neighborhood library open.  Thank you!!!”

“I love, love, love this library!  I tell everyone about it!”
“LOVE the children’s room and the toys, which allows us to enjoy the library longer.”

“ACL already exceeds at serving our community!!!! Keep up the great work!”

“We didn’t expect that the ACL would be such a central part of our lives, but it is.  We love the cozy feel, the book-loving neighbors, Magic Club, new popular hardcovers that are available(!), the list goes on.”

“There is nothing that you can do to make it better–we love it!”

“We’re really grateful to the ACL leadership team.  Thank you!”
“This organization is a beacon of what’s going well in a world that can get a person down if you read the news too thoroughly.”

“For corporate sponsors, Lasell College and teh Village Bank, we take notice!  We love that you are involved and supportive.  We value you as supporters–it’s a big deal to our family that you contribute to this great cause.”

“So grateful to have the ACL in our lives.”

By Auburndale Community Library

The Auburndale Community Library is a non-profit community library staffed by volunteers and funded 100% by donations.

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