Thanking Our Newton Serves Volunteers…AGAIN

You can never thank your volunteers enough…but in this particular case, we wanted to add some names of folks who were inadvertently left off the previous list!!!

Pre-Newton Serves: Chuck Smith, Liz Noon, Patricia Bottomley

Newton Serves: Paula Spies, Maureen Kelly and family, Margery Bailit, Dina Goldin, Issac Feinbaus, Ned Schofield, Roslin Moore, Jim Noon, Amy Dow, Jinbin Wu, Yuheng Wu, Maria Beuche, Andy Liu, Brenda Baker, Erik Liu, Laurel Miller, Brenda Baker, Barbara Anderson, Camil Toma, Stephen Houm, Julie Huber, Maya Huber

Post-Newton Serves: Ned Schofield, Jinbin Wu, Julie Storer, Liz Noon

Many many thanks to our amazing groundskeepers extraordinaire, Liz Noon and Patricia Bottomley, for providing the guidance and vision to all our volunteers.  Liz always has a little more this n’ that to be done in the garden at the library–if you wish to join her squad sometime, please email her directly at

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