Kids’ Summer Reading Club: Sign Ups Still Available

We still have materials available for the the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program at the library. All summer long, kids may visit the ACL for a “Reading Journal” and then list any eight books (ACL or not…though we’d like to think they will be!) to receive a free book from B&N in the fall. We’ll have details along with the journals available in the upcoming weeks.

We’re going for about fifty kids to participate this summer. Sure, you could sign up online or at your local Barnes & Noble store, but think homespun and in your very own neighborhood and visit the ACL to sign up. Wander by some Thursday evening after an ice cream at Wally’s…why not?

Note to current participants: NO, you don’t have to loop back with the ACL to claim your book from Barnes & Noble once you complete your reading; however, we’d generally be curious to know if you complete the program. Please mention it at the front desk and/or email Lynn at lslobodin [at] verizon [dot] net if you do. And, little ones (preschoolers) who aren’t age eligible at B & N should definitely let us know if they completed the program because the ACL will make certain that they are recognized with a small treat/doodad if they do!

By Auburndale Community Library

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