Remember: returns and donations

We want to remind everyone to return books through our mail slot in the door facing the Pike on Auburn St. when the plastic return bin is not outside by the table. If the plastic return bin is outside by the table, it means that the library is staffed with volunteers who are happy to process the return books. If the plastic bin is not outside by the table, please do not leave books on the table – please use the mail slot. Thank you for your help in keeping our books safe from the elements.

Before dropping off donations, please email the Friends of Newton Library at to confirm whether they are accepting donations and the times and days they are on site to take them. The Friends are a separate entity from the Auburndale Community Library even though we currently share the same building. Their entrance is down a flight of stairs on Ash St. Please do not leave donations outside of the door to the library. Another place that takes book donations is More Than Words. Check their website for a drop off location near you. Thank you for your help.

By Auburndale Community Library

The Auburndale Community Library is a non-profit community library staffed by volunteers and funded 100% by donations.

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