Thanks to our Newton Serves ACL Garden Volunteers!

The “inaugural” meeting of the ACL garden club was on Saturday, April 27th for Newton Serves.  Our indefatigable and garden visionary Liz Noon once again led a mighty crew in beautifying the grounds:

Chuck Smith, Ned Schofield, Jim Noon, Maria Bueche, Melissa Gallager, Trish Smith, Isaac Feinhaus, Louise McCarthy, Cameron Gaisford, Ian Gaisford, Holly Yee, Lillian Te, Isa Synnott, Izabella Synnott, Mary Levine, Lisa Levine, Geena Levine, Mark Jurilla, JoAnn Masiello, Lisa Suman, Hailey Bowie, Frankie Wu, Joy Wu, Jack Loughran, Freda Piecuch, Robert Lee, Jianghui Chao, Ryan Chao, Zhiqun Zhang, Sue Ryan, Iqbal Shahzad, Christina Occhipinti, Alla Webster, Reshma Kulkarni, Mariam Skinner, Peg Mulcahy, Patricia Bottomley, Dana Hanson, Paula Spies, Barbara Andersson, Thomas Lee, Linda Winslow, Pat Rand, Liz Noon

Apologies if we missed any names…there were so many wonderful and diligent helpers…it was hard to track down everyone’s contact information!

Several of our ACL Newton Serves volunteers on Sunday, April 27th​ ~ Join us again this Saturday, May 24th from 10 – 1 to help with spring gardening!

By Auburndale Community Library

The Auburndale Community Library is a non-profit community library staffed by volunteers and funded 100% by donations.

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