Auburndale Parking Meeting: Thurs April 17th at 7:00 pm at City Hall

April 7, 2014

Dear Auburndale Resident,

Over many years, the Board of Alderman and Traffic Council have tried to respond to neighborhood requests for parking restrictions. The result has been a patchwork of parking restrictions throughout the area. When restrictions are placed on one street, the parking problems just move to the next street. Then 2 years ago, the Commuter Rail parking lot started to charge $4.00/day, and that exacerbated the parking problems on both sides of the Mass. Pike.

In order to try and improve the ability to park for residents, business customers and employees, over the past year and a half, City staff and elected officials have been working with a group of Auburndale residents and local merchants to develop a comprehensive parking plan for the Village of Auburndale and the surrounding streets. The goals were as follows:

  • Improve residents’ ability to park on their street.
  • Create areas for dedicated employee parking.
  • Rationalize parking restrictions.
  • Balance the desire to share and use the public streets.
  • Provide more consistency.
  • Easier enforcement.
  • Quick implementation.

The Auburndale Village Permit Program would do the following:

  • Allow residents to purchase a permit that would allow them to park longer than posted limits.
  • Allow Auburndale Village employers and employees to purchase permits to allow them to park in designated areas.
  • Would allow for short term parking closer to the Village, and have longer term parking further out and in the Melrose lot.

This program requires action by the Traffic Council, and will be taken up at the meeting on April 17th at 7:00 PM in Room 222 at City Hall. Please feel free to come to the meeting or if you can’t make it, send your comments, thoughts and suggestions to:

David Koses, Traffic Council Chair –
Alderman Jay Harney –
Alderman Lenny Gentile –
Alderman Amy Sangiolo –

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