Understanding Long Term Care – February 4th 6:30pm

As we live longer, we recognize that all of our years may not be healthy ones.  The possibility of needing long term care is very real.  Discovering What’s Next® invites you to join Stephen Epstein, Long Term Care Specialist for AARP, for a Discover Realities Meeting-Up to learn about the options and other important considerations involved in this critically important issue.
A well thought-out plan for addressing the need for care is essential to the financial, emotional, and physical needs of you and your family.   According to the non-profit National Alliance for Caregiving, almost one quarter of U.S. households–22 million people–are already involved in caring for a relative or a friend who is 50 or older.  What is your plan?
Register by email to info@discoveringwhatsnext.com or phone 617-796-1419.

By Auburndale Community Library

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