Care and Feeding of Your PC – update

Deborah Gulch has kindly made available a copy of her presentation. One of the products that Deborah recommends is Identity Finder, which helps prevent identity theft. She wanted to pass along a 40% off coupon to the Identity Finder store. The coupon is valid until Nov 15 and may be used to take 40% off the noted price for their Mac Edition ($9.95), Home Edition for Windows ($19.95), or Professional Edition for Windows ($29.95) online. Use Coupon Code: HOLIDAY2009

Deborah asked us to pass along her answer to the question about automatically removing the browsing history:  When in Internet Explorer, click on Tools and Internet Options. On the general Tab, there is an option to remove history when closing Internet Explorer. Just click on the box and click on Okay.

In October we will host the first of our free, technology related, one night classes at the Auburndale Community Library!

The Care and Feeding of Your PC – Thursday, October 22nd at 7:30 pm

Have you been neglecting your computer lately? It’s time to give your PC a little TLC and do a fall cleaning! Remove unwanted programs, upgrade your memory, clean your hard drive of unwanted files, back up those very important family photos, and make sure your system is secure. In this class, Deborah will arm you with the tools needed to go home and take better care of your computer as well as providing some “green computing” tips to help the environment by conserving energy and reducing waste.

Presented by Deborah Gelch

Deborah Gelch is the Chief Information Officer at Lasell College, responsible for the functionality, development and implementation of technology across campus. With over twenty years experience in the field of IT she maintains a passion for computers and new technologies. She graduated from Wellesley College and received the Sigma Phi award for her research of IV Gem, a binary star system. Deborah has been very involved in the Newton community and public schools in fundraising and leadership positions.

No pre-registration is required for this class.

By Auburndale Community Library

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