What is the Auburndale Community Library (ACL)?

The ACL is a non-profit community library formed in 2009 after the closure of the former Auburndale branch of the Newton Free Library.  We are run by volunteers and get 100% of our funding from donations.  We have signed annual license agreements with the City of Newton to operate out of the library building during regular hours.

In addition to circulating books, the ACL runs a variety of community activities such as clubs, classes and cultural events.  If you have an idea for a program you would like to run, let us know.

I thought libraries are supposed to be “free”—why is there an emphasis on voluntary donations?

All patrons can use our library for free.  There is no fee for a library card.  However, the ACL is 100% funded by donations, so we must necessarily emphasize fundraising.

Unlike typical libraries you may be used to visiting, we get no funding from the city or the state.  We need to raise money to license our building from the city, and to pay for insurance, our circulation program, computer equipment, supplies and all our other expenses.  Every dollar of our budget comes from donations.  We have been very lucky to have the support of many local businesses, but we also need patrons to contribute.

Please click here for more information about voluntary donations.

Is the ACL part of the Newton Free Library?  Can I use my Newton Free Library Card here?

No.  The ACL operates at the location of the former Auburndale Branch Library, but it is no longer a “branch” of the Newton Free Library.  Patrons of the ACL will be issued a library card for use at the ACL.

Books from the Newton Main Library cannot be returned to the ACL.  Our books cannot be returned to the Newton Main Library. To help distinguish our books from those of other libraries, we have added a pink star to the spine of our materials.

Is the ACL part of the Minuteman Library Network?

No.  The ACL is not a part of any library network.  It is a small community library that circulates the on-site holdings.  In addition to circulating books, we plan to run a variety of community activities such as clubs, classes, and cultural events.

Books from Minuteman Library Network libraries cannot be returned to the ACL.  Our books cannot be returned to Minuteman Library Network libraries.

Do I have to be an Auburndale resident to take books out from the ACL?

No.  Anyone who fills out a library card application and shows proof of his or her address can obtain a library card.

Can I access my account online?

At this time, unfortunately, the Auburndale Community Library does not offer online access to individual library accounts. However, you can always check your account with the circulation desk in person or by phone during opening hours. Our online catalog is also always available for you to check book availability at your convenience.

How do I look for a book?

With over 14,000 books from classic children’s literature to paperback potboilers, we have a diverse selection that caters to all tastes. Just take a look at our catalog or stop by and browse through our shelves to find a book that’s right for you.

Where do you get your books?

Under the terms of our license with the City, the ACL is allowed to circulate the collection of the former Auburndale Branch Library.  In addition, we will be adding new acquisitions as funds permit and through donations.

Will the ACL ever go back to being the Auburndale Branch of the Newton Free Library?

We do not know.  That is a decision that will have to be made by the City of Newton.

How do I volunteer?

The ACL is a volunteer organization and we need help in many areas.  We have jobs to fit every schedule, even if you can’t commit to a regular shift at the library.  Here are some of our needs:

Library Workers: Can you help in the library during the hours we are open, even once a month?  Contact volunteers@auburndalelibrary.org to add your name to our schedule and find out about volunteer trainings.

Activity Leaders: Do you have an idea for a club or activity you’d like to lead at the ACL?  It could be a book group, a knitting circle, a lecture or an art class.  We are putting together a schedule for fall activities – both one time and recurring — contact activities@auburndalelibrary.org to ask about using the library.

Committee Members: Are you good with budgets?  Can you help with our website?  Are you a fantastic fundraiser?  Can you write a killer grant proposal?  We need help in all areas.  To volunteer, contact info@auburndalelibrary.org.

Does the ACL accept donations?

Yes!  We love monetary donations.  Please click here for more information about voluntary donations.

In addition, the ACL is always interested in receiving donations of items in good condition that we can use. If you have anything else that you think we could use, please contact us at info@auburndalelibrary.org. For information about donating books, see our general acquisition guidelines.

What does the ACL do about Snow Closings and Inclement Weather?

For weekdays, if the Newton schools are closed we will close unless the anchors decide they want to come in.  If necessary Liz or Dana will make the final decision.  On weekends we will go by whether the Newton Free Library is open.  We will try to post on our website if we are closed, we but encourage everyone to call the library (617 552-7158) to see if we are open in the event of snow.

May I use the library space for a meeting?

Click here for the library’s space use policy.

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