Support our library – buy a book!

Like all libraries, we can always use more books, and after being closed for a year, we are missing out on some great new books. People have been very generous in dropping off used books and we appreciate those donations tremendously, but we still need to beef up the collection.

For the truly new books, we’re not averse to asking for your help, and to that end, we have established a wish list on These books were selected by looking at what’s popular on the request lists at other libraries, what’s hot in the best selling list for Boston, and from chatting up local librarians. (Honest, it’s not just one person picking out the books that he or she wants to read, there’s been real research done here. And it was a lot of fun to do, too!)

Kindhearted library lovers can click on the button below to hop online to view the wish lists, buy the library a book, and have it shipped directly to the library.

For our fiction wish list:
My Wish List

For our non-fiction wish list, go here:
My Wish List

Don’t like any of the books on the wish lists and want to donate another? Have another book you think the library could use? Bring ’em on over! If by any chance we can’t use it, we will send the book downstairs to the Friends of the Newton Free Library for their book sales. (This makes the Friends really, really happy and benefits the main Newton library too!)

Got questions?! Drop an email to