Read, share, grow… in the heart of our community

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May 2017

Dear Friend of the Auburndale Community Library,

Thanks to the extraordinary support of our friends and neighbors, The Auburndale Community Library is currently celebrating its eighth year of operations as a 100% volunteer-run library. The ACL, as a non-profit enterprise, depends entirely on donations from the community to meet expenses, including book acquisitions, our occupancy fee to the City of Newton, accounting and insurance fees, and technology.

We are so grateful to our community for the generous donations we receive during our annual spring ACL Fund drive. Last year, our supporters’ generosity allowed us to make needed improvements to the entire library setting. The grounds are beautiful, the main portion of the library sparkles, and the
comfortable chairs and tables are in constant use by our dedicated patrons. We are especially proud of the children’s room makeover and the enthusiastic responses of both children and adults. Over the upcoming weeks and months, we invite you to visit and see the improvements to our space!

We are asking you to commit to helping us grow stronger moving forward by considering making a financial contribution to the ACL. The 2017 ACL Fund will build upon what we have started and support needed improvements that will continue to benefit the ACL and the community. It takes financial resources to make it all happen so well. We feel privileged to work on behalf of our neighbors and patrons to provide this special place where parents, children, teens, senior citizens, and all residents can experience a local library and community
center—all in our beautiful setting in the heart of Auburndale.

You can help us by making a financial contribution to the ACL Fund. We welcome donations of any size! Please use the enclosed form or visit our secure online PayPal account to make your donation. We will also continue to accept donations at the front desk when the library is open for business.

On behalf of all of ‘your friends at the ACL ’, we thank you for your support.