Summer Book Club is BACK!

Tuesday, August 7th at 7 pm
We’re reading
Nature Girl, by Carl Hiassen


“Tired of so many telemarketers?  This summer, with the
Auburndale Community Library Book Club, you can meet someone who found a way for them to leave her alone —or, because she is the main character of Carl Hiassen’s hilarious novel Nature Girl,—someone who has done what we wish we could do!”

Join us TUESDAY, August 7th at 7 pm for our book club meeting. We’ll have lemonade and cookies and hope to have a fun and lively discussion. We have several copies of the book at the ACL. Copies are also available in the Minuteman Library Network.

Here is a summary and book review:


In his latest New York Times bestseller, Hiaasen introduces impassioned, possibly bipolar, self-proclaimed queen of lost causes Honey Santana, who schemes to help rid the world of irresponsibility, indifference, and dinnertime sales calls.

Book List Review

The trend, noticeable in Hiaasen’s last few novels, to move ever so slightly away from the apocalyptic edge is evident again in his latest screwball thriller. In fact, this one feels like a Shakespearean comedy, a mix of A Midsummer’s Night Dream and As You Like It in which a group of confused lovers tangle with a gang of rude mechanicals deep in the Forest of Arden. Except here Arden is one of the Ten Thousand Islands in the famous Florida wilderness area. And our heroine, playing a variation on Rosalind, is a slightly screwy gal named Honey Santana, who possesses the tragic flaw of demanding more decency and consideration from her fellow humans than they demand of themselves. ….

There is much chaos, of course, but throughout a long night on the island, there is never a sense of horror lurking behind the high jinks. We stick around for the show, however, even without much suspense, because Hiaasen is still as funny as any thriller writer alive, and because, even at his goofiest, his characters are never mere jokes with legs. There’s always something human there, behind the laughter or beyond the horror, and this time that something is almost sweet. Such sweet thunder, one might call it. –Bill Ott Copyright 2006 Booklist


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