Let’s Revive the Auburndale Community Association 

For many years all of Auburndale was joined as a village by an extremely vibrant neighborhood organization called the Auburndale Community Association (ACA). The ACA used to run a fabulous Village Day. (One of the earlier Village Days in Newton.) The folks that run Rove the Cove are the remaining stewards of the ACA, but we could use an infusion of new energy and ideas to do more!

Some Auburndale people have recently expressed an interest in revitalizing the ACA. A group of residents are thinking of beginning that effort, and anyone interested in playing a small, or a large, roll in this organization should contact lynn.slobodin@gmail.com Also feel free to send along questions.  If this effort is successful in resurrecting our village organization, the hope is to hold a large community wide meeting at the Village Bank lobby in the fall.


By Auburndale Community Library

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