ACL Decor Watch…Getting Spiffy!

The ACL has been in operation for 7 years and this past winter at our Annual Meeting, we established a Decor Committee.  Our hodge-podge of second-hand furnishings from our ACL friends and neighbors has been well-loved over the years, but now we’re looking to blend both function and form as we create a more carefully curated aesthetic moving forward.

The ACL Decor Committee reviews a floor plan for space use

While it would have been really cool to have a dramatic Extreme Makeover: ACL Edition “reveal” with blindfolds and tears of joy, the reality is that we’ll be cycling in our upgrades gradually over the upcoming weeks and months.  Visit often to see our progress and we’ll try to keep you notified here as well.

Here’s one of our first projects…a custom window seat cushion donated by a wonderfully generous anonymous donor.  Farewell unmatched flat Stanley cushions…

You’ll want to settle in with a good read on our new window seat cushion!

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