Mucho Library Love

February Valentines aren’t even here yet, but the ACL wanted to share some lovely news about recent library love from our patrons!
  • A local teen, Nate Streeter recently gave the ACL the loveliest gift!  A hand-crafted print of our favorite little library.  Nate said that he was one of our Magic kids just a few years ago and he wanted to give something back to the ACL because it brought him so much happiness.  PINCH US!!!!  Come by and check it out–it’s hanging up in the library.
A beautiful framed and matted print of the ACL, hand-made and given to us by Nate Streeter
  • An anonymous patron slipped us a wonderful gift in the book slot a little while back…a $200 gift card to Barnes and Noble!  Oh goody!  Our wonderful acquisitions guru Janet will certainly put that to good use buying new titles for our collection.  Thank you so much, whoever you are!
  • Much to our amazement and surprise, the ACL recently received an unsolicited grant for $750 from a local very generous charitable trust.  The grant is so generous and is unrestricted in nature.  We will be discussing the particulars of how we might use this grant money in our upcoming Annual Meeting.  We have NO IDEA who is behind this grant allocation, but we have a feeling they must be a part of our “ACL extended family”, so we wanted to put a shout-out here, in addition to the forthcoming formal thank you letter to the trust.
  • We received several end-of-the-year charitable donations from friends and neighbors.  Thank you so much!  We rely 100% on donations to run the library–we couldn’t be more appreciative of our donors!

We are so thankful for the community’s support of the ACL!

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