ACL Youth/Teen Volunteer Summer Organizational Meeting–With Pizza!

Thursday, July 11th from 6 – 7 pm 
Yeah, we’re kind of crashing the Magic Card Pizza party…the more the merrier!  Summertime at the ACL is high season for teen volunteers.  We have a crew of youth who are returning veterans and also some newer volunteers.  This will be an informal meeting for the youth to meet one another and chat about possible activities and programs we can run this summer.

Do you have a young person you’d like to have more involved with the library?  Feel free to pass along an invite to this gathering.  We’ll be at the table in front of the fireplace (on the right).  “ACL Teen” is more a state of mind than an exact age…generally speaking if you have a youth who loves libraries and might be interested in helping with a storytime, running a craft, or bringing other ideas to the ACL, we’re all ears!  We’ve had 5th graders on up help out at the ACL…

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