ACL Lego Club–Are We Still Feeling It?

Lego Club is still theoretically on for Tuesdays at 2:00 pm, but we haven’t seen many takers lately–is there a parent of a Lego enthusiast in our community who would like to breathe some life back into this beloved ACL tradition?  Contact Dana at if you’re interested.
Our humble beginnings are chronicled in a parental blog entry from the 2008 archives…

Inline image 1This is a group of like fifteen boys sitting quietly and enjoying some communal Lego time. We have a very mellow vibe going in Lego Club. The coffee klatch of adults on the periphery is louder than the kids. Each week we come up with a general topic (Star Wars, race cars, amphibious vehicles, Star Wars, cities, amusement parks, animals, Star Wars, etc.) and then have the kids build things loosely structured around the theme–though everything pretty much morphs into Star Wars spaceships by the end of each session. Here is a copy of one weekly agenda: 1) build, 2) share, 3) clean up.

Inline image 2

Looks like the theme du jour this day is “Indiana Jones”–not like any of these first graders have ever seen the movie…details, details. The “share” portion of each meeting consists of one of the kids being the moderator and asking the others to describe their creation’s “features”. (You would be amazed at all the different ways you can build weapon systems with Legos.)

Again, if you have kids who like Legos, let’s talk about whether there’s a way to bring Lego Club back to its former glory.  Maybe meet once a month?  Maybe switch the time of day?  Whatever works for the next generation of ACL Lego Lovers!  (It’s also fine for us to let go if the time has come…)

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