Many thanks to our ACL Gardening Gurus!

So many people have recently remarked that the grounds at the ACL have been looking particularly lovely.  Many thanks to ACL Garden Coordinator Liz Noon and our “gardener emerita” Patricia Bottomley for providing the aesthetic vision for our gardens.  Derek Mannlon and his crew from the city Parks and Recreation Department have also been great, ensuring that the trees and shrubs are pruned and the lawn is mowed regularly.
Other ACL volunteers who have been helping with the garden over the past several months include: Maria Beuche, Melissa Gallagher, Lillia Baird, Andrew Xue, Barbara Anderson, Laurel Miller, Carie Michael, and Peg Mulcahy.   Liz Noon periodically invites folks to join her for “ACL gardening parties”–if you’d like to be on Liz’s (non-committal and low key) email distribution for these impromptu garden gatherings, please contact her at

By Auburndale Community Library

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