Engineering Workshop for Kids at the ACL: Tues Oct 18 from 3-6 pm

A fun and interactive workshop will be taught by students from Olin College of Engineering, and it will cover basic topics in mechanical structures and circuits. The Olin students will be teaching essential skills that they wish they had learned much earlier in life.
This project began as part of a class at Olin in which the students were tasked with the challenge of “changing the world” within three weeks. Since they all have a strong passion for sharing what they love to do, they formed a team to teach engineering concepts to kids.
Pre-registration is required!!! This workshop is open to kids ages 8-14.  A maximum of 15 kids will be enrolled on a first come, first served basis. The kids will then be divided into smaller working groups by age. To pre-register or to ask questions please email Lynn Slobodin

By Auburndale Community Library

The Auburndale Community Library is a non-profit community library staffed by volunteers and funded 100% by donations.

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