Friendly reminder: Let’s remember to return our books to the ACL…

We know that most of our ACL patrons are such high-volume library aficionados that they use BOTH our library and the Newton Main/other Minuteman libraries.  Fabulous!  However, we need to gently remind our patrons that our ACL books can only be returned to our little community library.  (Sigh…we all miss the days when we could drop books here, there, everywhere!)

We graciously request that you to check borrowed library materials for the pink stars and ensure that the ACL books make it back to the ACL each time.  There is a 24 hour drop slot on Auburn Street, or you may always call the library and leave a message requesting materials to be renewed (617) 552-7158.  We appreciate that not having online renewals makes it hard to be as timely with returns as with other library networks…and we will continue to work with our patrons to make this a workable arrangement from both ends.  Thanks!

By auburndalecommunitylibrary

The Auburndale Community Library is a non-profit community library staffed by volunteers and funded 100% by donations.

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