Can’t be said enough: We LOVE our volunteers!

These wonderful (and very busy) folks all volunteered their time in May to help run the ACL. As you all know, we’ve been 100% volunteer powered for two years now and every hour someone donates makes a big difference.

AnnaMaria Abernathy, Linda Barrett, Patricia Bottomley, Debbie Bowen, Johanne Campbell, Susan Cassidy, Nancy Caulfield, Ellen Chu, Anne Costello, Tom Dallaire, Barb Day, Dan Finkelstein, Diana Fisher Gomberg, Marlene Gibson, Vicky Gifford, Barry Goldstein, Dana Hanson, Rosemary Hinteregger, Suruchi Kaul, Lenna Kutner, Celia Kwartler, Janet Linder, Amanda Loftus, Joanne Lyons, Karen Maloney, Barbara Maratos, Adeline Mega, Liz Miller, Joy Rice, Jaye Schneider, Ned Schofield, Hannah Scott, Allison Sharma, Junko Shibuya, Lynn Slobodin, Caryn Sowa, Ed Sugrue, Martha Sweet, Beth Tierney, Alla Webster

Would you like to join us? If you can spare as little as 1 hour per month, you can help us keep things going at the ACL. No experience necessary–we’ll train you on the job. If you love the idea of the ACL but haven’t yet kicked into gear to lend a hand, we could really use you on our team. Please contact Dana Hanson at to learn how to sign up for your first shift. (We send the sign-ups out every two weeks and you will NOT be signing on for a permanent shift, just a slot–if any–that works for your particular schedule.)

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