Did you return a book…

but you continue to receive reminders to return library materials?

Any self-respecting library lover has overdue/misplaced books now and then. The ACL realizes that, since we are not a member of the Minuteman Library Network, that we are a less convenient operation when it comes to renewals and such. (Specifically, we WISH that we could offer online patron records and renewals–believe us–we ask our circulation software provider all the time for this feature.) Alas, it is what it is and we must resort to a more “old-school” method of in person & phone renewals…

Therefore, if you need to renew materials, we invite you to:

  • Call the ACL during our regular hours (see below). Our phone number is 617 552-7158.
  • Email circulation@auburndalelibrary.org with your renewal request.
  • Just not worry about it too much and the next time you visit the ACL, simply chat with the person at the desk about renewing materials “retroactively”. Really, we’re not trying to rake in late fees like crazy…we obviously just need to keep track of all the goodies at the ACL so all may enjoy them 🙂 .

Now, sometimes, we have mishaps on our end and we think you still have an item out even though you returned it. We’re sorry about this inconvenience…please forgive us! (As a friendly reminder, we’re all volunteers at the ACL–not professional librarians.) If you believe you returned something, please let us know in person or via phone/email and we’ll try to track it down on the shelves. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding!

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