Lego Club Tuesdays 2 – 2:45 pm

It’s back!  Lego enthusiasts of all ages are invited to join us for our weekly drop-in Lego Club at the ACL.  We have a MASSIVE collection of Legos at the ACL and we look forward to building creations together each week.  We’ll have loose “themes” each week (space ships, animals, circus, etc.), but really the kids can build whatever their little hearts desire.  The general weekly schedule is: build, share, dismantle, clean up.  The age range is pretty loose: kids who won’t eat the Legos right on up through adults.  Kids under age 10 should be accompanied by an adult for the time being (over time we may be able to adjust this activity to “drop off” if we have enough parents willing to commit to be rotating chaperones).

It’s probably best to leave your own Legos at home so we don’t have to worry about pieces getting mixed up; however, we understand completely if you want to bring a few of your own Lego “guys” to augment your creations.

If you have questions about Lego Club or would like to join our team of parent chaperones, please contact Dana.

Because Lego Club is looking like it’s going to be very popular, we ask that folks come BEFORE Lego Club begins for book borrowing. Our volunteer staff cannot accommodate the large crush of patrons in the 15 minutes before closing time.  Thanks for understanding!

By Auburndale Community Library

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